As a kid, L.O.N’s nickname was LONI (Real name Valon Vllasaliu). So it wasn’t that hard 2 incorporate that in 2 his artist name: L.O.N! His passion of music was always there, whether it was playing instruments, making beats or writing lyrics, that didn’t matter, as long he was involved with the music he was a happy little toddler!
A few years ago he started working at a local bar (in Breda ), where rap; hip -hop and r&b were the usual recipes of the day there! Knowing he had the skills, he soon saw the opportunity to get started on his own and put his own ideas 2 paper so that he could develop his own unique style! And so he did, in the process L.O.N was born! Taking it further than the day recipes, he took it to the next leven by combining house with urban music.
His taste in music is as different as his taste in food. But urban and house are his own personal flava’s. He also gets his inspiration from slow r&b music. His main goal is 2 set up his own studio, making music and managing young talents, while getting’ his “riches”! He is a laid back person and loves 2 make jokes, but when it comes 2 music, he is dead serious and never loses his objective, which is making high-quality MUSIC!

Not only does he DJ, he also plays instruments like the keys and the albanian ‘cifteli’. He likes to use violins-, chello-, and guitarsounds in his beats. But ofcourse, also the new electrosound everybody uses now a days.
Tracks will be uploaded soon.